The Brawl (RR09)

by Lucertulas

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Recorded and mixed in 88 hours by Giovanni Ferliga at Blocco A Studio in Padova, Italy, september 2009
mastered by Giovanni Versari
Carlos' Nightmare drums pattern written by Carlo Veneziano
All lyric by Federico Aggio


released May 14, 2010

Christian Zandonella - guitars
Massimo Cettolin - drums
Federico Aggio - bass guitar and vocals

Artwork by Michele Bubacco
Design by Andrea Facchetti
Published robotradio and MacinaDischi



all rights reserved


RobotRadio records Italy

Robotradio is like a game.
A game played with bands and people by sharing time and ideas. And by publishing few releases. Each one could be the last one, and that’s more true nowadays.

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Track Name: 8 Hours
where's the glory here?
it's just repeat and repeat
this is just another 8 hour job
it's a business
it's a fake
I'm getting old
in vain
I'm getting old
I'm getting old
I don't like it anyway
I told you
there's nothing
nothing at all
I've given you my time
you've dragged me in this hell
of pain
it's not so ironic
give me my money!
Track Name: An Old Man
<<stay out of my way!>>
screams an old man
he'll keep on drinking
until they come in
he ain't going to make it
oh! Jesus Christ!
they'll come in...
they'll come in and...
get him
hey old man
more wrinkles on your face
tell me tell me why
your hands are quivering
on the cross
they will send you
that's right
'cause she's waiting for you
in a quiet place
can you feel her singing?
she's so happy
because you'll reach her soon!
her gasp is still in your ears
she's so happy
because you'll reach her soon!
hey old man
tell me tell me why
your wife had a knife
in her damn
Track Name: In This Town
I can't take it another way
I fell down from your grace
just think! I'm so alone
in this town
I can't take it another way
you keep on drilling my brain
and this wine tears my stomach
pray for sleep
and don't think anymore
so I let everything burn
I will not remember you
but I don't know what to do
it's time to walk away
from this town
so let me go!
ya let me go
go away
far away
you gotta let me go!
Track Name: A Wicked Eel
well, she's full of reason
and 1000 vacuous smiles
she has laughed and she has cried
for her gain, I do realize!
like a moth in towers
failed and locked
I'm getting her message
I'll be glad when it's all over
she wants to get rid of you!
oh! you want to get rid of me?
don't say it again!
is she a loving girl
when she sleeps in your arms?
is she a lovely girl
when she fucks another guy?
stumbling drunk in her room
striving against her damn legs
she said -I love you-
she never even tried
nothing else
she wants to get rid of
oh! she just has a ride on
nothing else
I love your girl!
Track Name: Crowing
on your screen
you can see
so beautiful faces
we fell into
a trap
this is the price we're gonna pay
'cause nothing seems to change
not even the colour of your cage
showing off stupid pride
there are the faces that
we've crowned
'cause nothing seems to change
nothing but you
showing off pride
there are the faces...
Track Name: The Boxer
he's never gotten a K.O.
keep on fighting
you should see him
dancing into four ropes
he'll put you down
now here
he's going to make
a brawl
his body caught
between the ring's ropes
that press him
into the battle
the crowd screams loud...
in terror of falling, he couldn't walk back
well, the bell rings..
he must go to the next round
here I am
almost dead
under his blows
the rounds are gone
he's a son of a bitch
like you and me
like you and me
Track Name: The Nun's Prey
God, I've had enough of that
I tried everything too soon
I was too young to realize how
the only life I'd known had been taken from me
I tried every thing too soon!
forgive me Father for I have sinned a lot
I've sinned a lot
my Lord
you have got my blessing
but you've never said a word
never written me a line
I will be..,
I will be a woman again!
I am a woman!!!
I will be a woman again! I will!
I'm going to...
Track Name: Carlo's Nightmare
All these voices
are inside my head or
somewhere else?
I buried them
a long time ago
so they are gone
so they are gone
trust me
I've put them
in a frame, but
they are still going
to keep me awake
they resound around
seven days
seven nights
all the time
I can never...
never can rest
never can rest
never can rest
so I'll bury myself
'cause I'm done
I'm done
trust me
I've had enough of them
put them
right now
in a frame
garish ghosts
in a deadly fog
I don't hate them
I won't kill them
I just want
to get away
get away
from them
Track Name: The Widower
you got yourself in here
you can get yourself out
'cause you make me feel a damned fool
'cause nothing seems to warm up
your own pale arms
your own cold lips
so we can't get no rest
so we can never get any rest
we could go far
we could go far
we could go far
we could...
having no track to follow
you will rest where you are
you trust me
it's O.K.
abandon me here again
you won't feel better
still your hands don't move
still your mouth declines every breath